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Galápagos 2021


Galápagos – Land of reptiles

Remoteness – that basically describes the Galápagos. We had to take three consecutive flights to reach Isabela island travelling only from mainland Ecuador. This is exactly what makes the islands unique. Animals, and in particular reptiles, have had millions of years adapting to that unique environment with barely any predators and facing little competition from other mammals or amphibians, who would not have survived the long journey out to the islands on a drifting wooden log. Rarely do animals flee from humans, for the they have no reason to fear anything. Of course, this makes it a photographer's dream. I had never been too interested in photographing animals, seeing it as a waste of time for a result of (likely) not great quality. And yet, this trip has completely changed my view on wildlife photography. It is almost too easy to capture great shots of the unbelievable fauna in the Galápagos Islands. Both the first week on Isabela Island along with a week exploring the different islands by boat have offered an unbelievable insight into this largely untouched paradise.

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